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Maine Coon Cats in Ohio




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Maine Villa Cattery

Maine Coon Cats / Kittens in Ohio

Maine Coon Cat Breeder in Ohio

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Maine Villa Kittens on YouTube- prior litter - see below




Welcome to Maine Villa

Maine Coon Cats / Kittens in Ohio

My name is Chris Cotton

 Just a small breeder of Maine Coon Cats in Wadsworth, Ohio

  Dedicated to the Maine Coon Cat Breed.

Breed quality Maine Coon cats and Maine Coon kittens that are hand raised and socialized in a family setting

Maine Coon Cats in Ohio

DNA Testing done for HCM (Breeding Program is Double Negative for Specific Mutatation)

 FIV Negative Cattery

FeLV Negative Catttery,  Ringworm free Cattery

Contact Chris Cotton (330) 620- 5861



Recent News.

Maine Villa's Ty a Touch of Class Received A Regional Kitten Award


Regional Winner Grand Champion Maine Villa's Tyson Coony Bear last son started his show career today...
Recent Cat Show Picture Ty @ 6months old at Stamford Connecticut Cat Show
See Ty at his last kitten Show . Getting Another Best ALL BREED Kitten...
 - click on  above Picture
See ShowTime Pictures for Additional Pictures
CFA E points for 2014-2015 season Ranking
as of Sept 19th 2014
Maine Villa's Ty a Touch of Class
3rd Best Maine Coon Kitten in the Nation
2nd Best Maine Coon Kitten in Region IV
Best Brown/White Maine Coon Kitten in Region IV
19th Best All Breed Kitten in the Nation
10th Best All Breed Kitten in Region IV
and as of of March 30th Ty is still trying to hold his top 25th spot in Region IV..
I Hope Miracles will Happen
Lets keep are fingers crossed that this Amazing "Tyson Coony Bear" last son keeps in the Top 25


see kitten page for new Updated Pictures as of March 30th 2015




Available Soon .. Retired Adult Males and Females. Please Inquire Now...

thank you





 Previous Kitten from Breeding of "Glitter" and "Tycoon"

Litter Repeated.. Kittens arrived



Just a Cute Picture of a Few of the Kittens on 04/18/13

2- male kitten in Front "Jazzy and Tyson's" at age 9-10 weeks

1-Male kitten in Back "Hayden and Tycoon's" at age 8 weeks - sold

(Kittens above are sold)


"Look at Me Now" ... Hayden and Tycoon's Boy 8 months later .. 17lbs now




Pictured Above - example of a Regional Winning Tyson Coony Bear and Jazzy Litter




Grand Premier Maine Villa's Apollo



Click on Above Picture of Maine Villa's Apollo to see him at a Cat Show becoming a Grand Premier

( please note: pictures that are taken outside are for natural lighting purposes. My cats/kittens do not go outside)


"Grand Champion Regional Winner Maine Villa's Tyson Coony Bear"






A Breed apart from others....