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"Previous Litter of Maine Villa's Kittens"

Kitten page Updates on Oct 5th, 2015


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About Maine Villa Maine Coon Kittens
Kittens that are adopted at Maine Villa Cattery are C.F.A. Registered purebred Maine Coon Kittens. They are Breeder/Show Quality kittens that are sold/adopted as pets to loving and responsible pet owners. Kittens do not leave the Cattery until they are at least ten weeks of age. These is two- fold; first - they will have recieved 2 kittens shots (4 n 1 Vaccine) to help with immune system and they have been wormed with Drontal, second - they are well socialized in a family environment and run the entire house. They would be weaned from their mother , litter box trained and eating a well balanced kitten diet. Kittens have been on a well balanced nutritional based diet of Iams Kitten chow, + supplements twice a day of can food mixed with dry. Any questions at all please call to inquire.. I am only a phone call away and anticipate your call or email..
Thank you for visiting my Cattery and my Maine Coons
Prices- Kittens Sold as Pets
Females - $750
Males - $750


Kittens from

Maine Villa's "Do Wa Diddy" (Brown/White Classic- Female) and Maine Villa's "Ty" (Brown Classic Male)

 This is Maine Villa's Ty A Touch of Class - Regional Winner - litter of Kittens

Kittens Pictures below at 8 weeks of Ag


Female "Aphrodite" (Brown/White Classic)



and picture at 12 weeks of Age.. I need my Forever home.. Please Adopt me...




Litter #2

Maine Villa's "Jazzabelle" (Brown Patch Female) and Champion Maine Villa's "Puzzle" (Brown/ White Classic)

Pictured below at 9 weeks of Age


Female "Cher" Brown/White Patch



Pictured below at 11 weeks of age


Still AVAILABLE please reserve me today



Female "Madonna" Brown/White Patch



Pictured below at 11 weeks of Age


Im still AVAILABLE .. need to go to my forever home. Adopt me today


Next Litter.

Breeding from

Maine Villa's Whispering Wind (Brown/White Classic) Female and Willabelle's Dirty Harry of Maine Villa aka "Bully" (Brown/White Classic)

pictured at Ten Weeks of Age


Blue/White Classic Female "Blue Silver Ryder"





Blue Classic Male "Blue Ridge"





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Previous  Kitten Litter

Jazzy- F (Brown/White Classic) and Tyson - M (Brown/White Mackerel)



6 weeks old - pictured above..