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MaineVilla Cattery

"Its hard to say with my lifes schedule"

Louisville Kentucky Cat Show....   May17th 2014


Erie Pa Cat Show April 26th & 27th 2014

3rd Cat Show

Another Best All Breed Kitten

Thank You all the Judges who used "Ty" in the Finals.

Best of Breed



"Ty" had an amazing 2nd Show..

Thank you to all the Judges.




Please Note the Above Kitten Show Picture should Read April 6th, 2014.....


TICA Cat Show July 2013

Champion Maine Villa's Ty'coon

at First TICA Show.. Got several 2nd Best of Breeds and 3rd Best of Breed out of Several Outstanding MaineCoons

2 of the cats he was competing against were National Ranked and International Winner


Cat Show

July 2012

Maine Villa's Oreo Blizzard

10 months old

Black/White Van

Becomes a 'Champion'

10th Best Long Hair Champion



Maine Villa's Ty'Coon

5 months old

Brown/White Mackerel

Great 1st Show!!!

2nd Best of Breed  x 3 times out of 15 Maine Coon Kittens



Maine Villa's Hayden

6 months old

Brown/White Classic

Great 2nd Show !!

Best of Breed x 2 out of 15 Maine Coon Kittens

2nd best of Breed x 1



"Oreo Blizzard"

Relaxing in his Benching Cage with Todd



Maine Villa's Hayden First Show

July 2012

Columbus, Ohio


Amazing 1st Show

Best of Breed out of 16 Maine Coon Kittens

2nd Best of Breed out of 16 Maine Coon Kittens

2 All Breed Finals

7th Best All Breed Kitten out of 65 kittens

8th Best All Breed kitten out of 65 kittens





Grand Premier Apollo at the Columbus Cat Show



Erie Pa

Cat Show



Allen Park, Michigan  August 21st 2010

Ariel was very animated and did well in a tough kitten class.


MaineVilla's Grand Champion Tyson Coony Bear

"Tyson" is a Grand Champion in only two Champion Shows.

Special thanks to Steve Miller of Willabelle Cattery for the use of J.J. (Willabelle Stud) and your friendship.

Tyson Coony Bear

Open Show at Butler Pa.

1 day Champion

6 Winner Ribbons , 6 Best of Color, 6 First Places

2nd Best of Breed, 2 x Best of Breed

2 Finals

-  Six Place all Breed

-  Second Place all Breed

Thank you to all the Judges who used my Open Boy in the Finals.

Thank you to all the Judges who Used Tyson in the Finals.

Tyson Kitten Shows

Tyson Coony Bear 1st  Kitten Show

Multiple 1st Place in Maine Coon Breed, Best of Breed Color, 2nd Best of Breed

10th Place Kitten in Speciality Ring Final

CFA Kitten Listing as of October 15th 2009


"MaineVilla's Tyson Coony Bear"

 4th Best Maine Coon Kitten in the Region

14th Best Maine Coon in the Nation

28th All Breed Kitten


Thank you to all the Judges in CFA and Thank you to Steve Miller



Hailey at the Cleveland Cat Show

Became a "Champion" in One day with a stiff open class..

On the Judging Table

With her Winner Ribbons and Second in Color against six Brown/White Boys and Girls


Mercedes (Columbus Show) 2008

5 Best of Color, 5 1st Place Kitten Class

Sebastian  (Parma Cat Show) 2007

4th Best Maine Coon

2nd Best Maine Coon

Columbus Cat Show 2007


Tabatha (Columbus Cat Show 2007)

6 Winner Ribbons

Champion Status